I was in a crash in 2016. A sixteen year old girl ran a stop sign and crashed into me. And her insurance company then said that I was 33% at fault! My car was totaled and the insurance company’s payout (after taking out the 33% they said was on me), really made it hard for me to buy a new car. Jim told me the insurance company was being ridiculous, and that he would make them pay.

A few months later, Jim told me the insurance company offered to settle my case for policy limits of $100,000. Jim remembered how the insurance company had treated me unfairly when they paid for my car. The insurance company still refused to pay until Jim threatened to file a lawsuit. It was only $1,700, but it was the principle for me and I felt like Jim wasn’t just trying to get the easy money, but all the money. 

This law firm always returned my calls. They took the time to explain what was happening with my case and answer my questions.


I originally went to one of the Attorneys that you hear about on the television to find out not only was I unable to speak with or see the attorney as advertised, but was left in the dark with who would actually be handling my case.

After being referred by a friend to Paul L. Weiss, I decided to give them a try as it costed nothing to consult with the firm.

I told Paul what had happened and he told me exactly to the point what was going to happen and what needed to be done. After the warm welcoming and immediate trust feeling we went with Paul L. Weiss.

This is a great team, from the front desk answering my calls to my assigned case manager Kellye Lasiter. She was available 24/7 to address any concerns or questions I may have had. She held my hand through the entire process doing ALL of the work making this as easy and hassle free as possible.

In the end, I was awarded a much higher amount than anticipated.

I felt the team went above and beyond for my case settlement and really cared for my needs and health and really made me feel comfortable throughout the process.

I would highly recommend the firm and will be referring friends and family if it comes to it. Trust the team, feel comfortable and know you're treated like family.

Thanks Paul Weiss, Kellye Lasiter for a job well done!